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The Himalayas offer unlimited opportunities to experience not only the natural beauty but also the unique cultures, which thrive there. Having treks all across the width of the Indian Himalayas, there is a variety to choose from.




Trekking Route in India - These include the various trekking trails in Sikkim, Uttaranchal, Ladakh, Kumaon and Himachal Pradesh. The landscape of these treks are a visual treat blessed and are blessed with snow capped mountains all around. A look down at the sublime scenery while trekking himalayas  provides an awe-inspiring sight to the tourists.
There is no fixed time for trekking in india, as some trek routes may not be possible during the monsoon period where landslides are common and even during the winter months where the upper reaches of Himalayas are simply inaccessible.

Char Dham Yatra
The Char Dham of Uttarakhand is an important Hindu pilgrimage circuit in the Indian Himalayas. It is located in the Garhwal region of the state of Uttarakhand. This Hindu pilgrimage circuit consists of four sites: Yamunotri, Gangotri, Kedarnath and Badrinath......
Gangotir Gomukh Tapovan Trek 
The Holy River Ganges is the most sacred river in the Hindu religion and its source at Gomukh on the Gangotri glacier and many other peaks. Gomukh is one of the holiest places for Hindu pilgrims who come here to witness the birth of Mother Ganga......
Trekking in Uttarakhand gives you a superb chance to be in contact with the locals and appreciate the mountain environments. Among most of exciting and breathtaking adventure sports, trekking in Himalayas is the safest and the most enjoyable selection. Uttarakhand Himalayas Trek, The most excellent thing about trekking in Himalaya region is that you do not need to have much technical skills.
Harki Dun Trek 
Har-ki-Dun, situated at an elevation of 3566 meters is surrounded by glittering peaks and dense forests. The forests are rich in wild life and are a veritable paradise for bird-watchers and nature lovers. This is good trek for all age groups and the valley is full.....
Kalindikhal Pass Trek
Kalindikhal Trek is an extremely challenging expedition-style traverse of the Kalindikhal Pass (5967m) in spectacular Garhwal Himalayas. The route involves a trek over rough glaciers, rocky screens and crevassed snowfields. At times......

India Himalaya Trekking Having many highest peaks which is the best places in world  where the himalayas trekkers dreams  come true.  Such a delightful experience and each trek in himalaya is so fulfilling.  Encounter the Best Top Treks of Indian Himalayas With us ::---->>

Kuari Pass Trek
In 1905, Lord Curzon reached Kuari Pass (4652 m). Kuaripass means "door way”. He made the trek, and since then it is also known as the Curzon trail. The main attraction of it is the imposing view of the eastern peaks of Garhwal Himalayas, the.......
Milam Galacir & Nanda Devi Basecamp Trek 
The Himalayan region of Kumaon is a store house of Natural beauty beyond belief. Protected from the onslaught of the outside world, the Himalayan ecology remains well conserved here, making the region a great retreat for the lovers of nature........
The Himalayas Home of many mountain ranges including the highest mountain range Himalayas,  India offers great opportunity  to trek & explore some of the remotest mountain area giving you a chance to have close encounter &  witness different life styles, settlement patterns, jewellery , different food & food styles & above all to give you some of rarest moments of life captured in your cameras. Explore the taste of Himalayas
The Valley fo Flowers Trek
The Valley of Flower: The beautiful valley situated at an altitude of 3300 mts to 3650 mts is the paradise of nature lovers. Starting from about 6 kms from Bhuindhar village it covers an area of about 87 square kms. The valley is exceptionally rich.....
Yoga Package for 03 Days in Rishikesh
Early morning board Shatabdi Express train for Haridwar Dep: 06:55 HRS. Breakfast on Board. Arr: 1125 HRS. Arrive Haridwar. Met upon arrival and transfer to Rishikesh, On arrive check in at Yoga Niketan Afternoon is to be spent on.....

Encounter the Best Top Treks of Indian Himalayas With us ::---->>

Himalayas trekking routes are categorized in to various groups like – easy treks, tough treks, short treks, long treks, low-altitude treks, high altitude treks, medium altitude treks, etc. For older persons, it is advisable that they should select for low trek selection because it is safe for them.

January   Chander shilla Summit trek  :   4 Days trek : 4200 mts 5th / 20th
February   Deoriya Tal & Tungnath trek :  5 days Trek : 4400 mts 10th /  20th


Chander shilla trek :  4 days trek : 4200mts        2nd
Kuaripass trek :  6days trek :  4500 mts 6th / 12th / 18th
Nandadevi Classic trek   :    8/9days trek : 4757 mts 10th / 20th


Kuari pass  :    5 days trek  :  4500 mts 1st   /  9th  /  15th  / 30
Garhwal & Kumoan Explore trek  :   10days trek : 4500mts          20th / 30
Nandadevi Classic trek :  9days trek :  4757mts 7th    /   17th   /  25th / 30
Kuari la North Face Trek  :   6days trek  :  4757 mts  
Chopta Tungnath Chandershilla peak Deoriya tal lake trek  
Shepered Trekking Routes Trek  (New Jagthali kuari nandadevi trek) :  7days trek  : 4400mts  
Climbing peak easy Pangarchulla peak 4800 meter climb  
July Kuaripass trek 1st  /  9th  /  15th
Family Adventure Trips n Camps   4 Days Combo Trip         Every Weekends
Nandadevi trek 1st / 10th
Roopkund trek  :  7 Days ::  Roopkund 14days : 4500mts          14th & 18th & 29th
Source of Ganga trek  :  9days :  4600mts 13th  /  25th


Kuaripass trek 1st  /  7th  /  14th  /  25th
Garhwal & Kumoan Explore trek            20th
Nandadevi trek  :  8days :  4500 mts 4th  /  16th  /  28th
Roopkund trek  :  7 Days ::  Roopkund 14days : 4500mts 3rd  /   17th
Source of Ganga trek  :  9days :  4600mts 10th  /  20th
Nanda Devi National Park trek  :  9days trek : 4200mts 5th & 13th
Valley of flowers trekking  :  6days :  3650mts 15th  &  25th
September Kuaripass trek 9days :: Kuari pass  : 5 days trek  :  4500 mts 9th / 18th  / 26th
Valley of flower trekking with Hemkund Sahib Tours 1st  /   9th  /  20th
Nandadevi National park tour 5th  /  15th / 25th
Roopkund Trekking    : 14days trek  :  3500mts         10th
October Kuaripass  9days ::    Kuari pass  :    5 days trek  :  4500 mts 1st / 7th / 12th / 20th
Valley of flower tours 5th / 15th / 25th
Nandadevi tours    ::  Climbing Pangarchulla peak 4575m 7th /  18th
Roopkund trekking :  7 Days ::  Roopkund 14days : 4500mts 4th  /  19th
Nandadevi National Park tour      13th
Source of Ganga trek  :  9days :  4600mts 20th
 November Kuaripass trek 9days :: Kuari pass  : 5 days trek  :  4500 mts 1st / 7th / 12th / 20th
Valley of flowers trek 2nd
Nandadevi trek    :::  Pangarchulla peak Climb Trekking 5th  /  15th

Roop kund trekking

9th / 22nd
December Kuaripass trek 9days :: Kuari pass  : 5 days trek  :  4500 mts 1st / 7th / 12th / 20th
Dayalisera Trek 2nd
Nandadevi trek    :::  Pangarchulla peak Climb Trekking 5th  /  15th

Chopta Tungnath Trek

9th / 22nd




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